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My Skills & Experience

  • Business writing

  • SEO copywriting  

  • WordPress

  • Web content production and development

  • Keyword research

  • B2B copywriting

  • Business storytelling

  • Stakeholder management

  • Proofreading and editing

  • Email marketing

  • Press releases

  • Product copy for brochures

  • Content strategy

  • Photoshop/IrfanView

  • Microsoft Suite 


Who I Am

I am a creative and talented corporate and digital communications professional who has experience writing for the real estate, travel, retail, education, health, lifestyle and finance niches. 

My writing career started in the commercial real estate sector, where I produced a range of print media copy like brochures, formal market research reports, full page advertisements for industry magazines, proposals.

While living abroad, I expanded my range and moved into travel writing for digital channels, and then into writing sales copy, articles, lead magnets, and email responders for businesses.

I have worked in house with a major international company, with agencies, and as a self-employed freelancer working directly with clients. I have written for a range of audiences in the Australian, American and European markets, ranging from high net worth property investors to online shoppers and budget travelers.

I have hands on experience liasing with key stakeholders, generating ideas, and helping clients to work out a strategy and brand voice.

I can write excellent sales material, however, my strength is my ability to take complex ideas and turn them into plain English text that is suitable for the intended audience.

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What I’ve Done


While working as a freelance copywriter and digital content producer, I worked on a range of projects for small to medium businesses in the travel, medical, personal development, finance, security, digital media, and industrial niches. .I produced a range of content ranging including E-books and longer-form lead magnets, list-based articles, company and “About Us” pages, landing pages, video scripts, press releases, and social media blasts. Clients included Taylor Clinic, HelloWorld, Rate City, Image Group, Urban Protection Security, Ralmes Investments, and Challenge Consulting.


The Brand Manageris a Sydney-based HubSpot certified platinum inbound marketing agency

  • Ghost writing digital marketing articles on the agency’s blog 

  • Writing lead-generation report on sleep apnea, along with articles, and social media snippets for content amplification

CopyPress is a US-based digital content agency that works with a range of clients in niches such as travel, education, lifestyle, automotive, shopping, and career. I worked with them remotely while living abroad. While working with CopyPress, I worked on the projects or Macy’s Department Store (US), Hipmunk (US travel website), Intercontinental Hotels Group, and several educational sites.


I worked for three years in CBRE's Istanbul office preparing market research reports, market index briefs, proposals, full-page ads, and presentations. This role involved in-depth research and reporting on the Turkish economy, translating financial information,
and reporting complex ideas into plain English.


Learning and Living


1993 - 1996

I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree at Macquarie University, Sydney, with a major in English literature and minor studies in philosophy and linguistics.



This certificate is a post-graduate certificate that teaches fundamentals of teaching English language and grammar to an adult audience, along with lesson planning, classroom presentation skills, and how to teach using the communicative approach.



  • 2014 - The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

  • 2016 - Become A Lead Generation Specialist -  A B2B Copywriting Program

  • 2017 - Social Media Marketing Expert


Knowledge & Expertise


After working in the corporate sector for three years, I developed strong corporate writing skills including preparing presentations, market briefs, technical reports, and proposals. I'm very proficient in interpreting complex financial information, and translating it into plain English text suitable for a target audience, and explaining graphs and tables, and economic information.


Having trained as a classical direct mail copywriter, I'm able to craft persuasive copy for landing pages, mail pieces, brochures, and autoresponders that turn leads into hungry buyers. My skills include crafting winning headlines, leads, and closers, as well as integrating emotive language that creates a strong hook.


As a seasoned traveller with an eye for the quirky, and a love of destinations off the beaten track, I love sharing my travel experiences with others in a way that is personal, humorous, and showcases a destination's most attractive features. My travel writing includes pieces for Hipmunk, Intercontinental Hotels Group, and International Living magazine

Have questions? Drop me a line and let me give you the answers.


0411 185508

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